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  • Translation

    In e-language we believe that they key for a successful translation lies to:
    –the aptitude and professional experience of our team of translators,
    –the strict conformity to the translation procedures

  • Certified Translation Services - Authenticated Translations

    E-language is a certified agency which can produce authenticated translations not only in EU languages but also in languages of other countries via its cooperation with layers and solicitors.

  • Terminology Management

    It concerns the study and use of terms.  Terms are words and expressions used to describe products, services or industrial phraseology.

  • Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpretation

    Interpretation is a complex task to undertake since there must be confidence that the interpreter will select the proper word for the specific context, with no margin for error.

  • Desktop Publishing

    Desktop Publishing refers to the use of computers and software in order to create several page layouts.


e-language uses TM tools (Translation Memory Tools), also known as Computer Aided translation tools (CAT tools).

These are used to aid the translators, editors and revisers to carry out their projects in a fast and precise manner, within the provided deadline.

A translation memory is a linguistic database in which translation choices are continually captured during the process of translating, for future use in texts of similar content. Therefore, their use improves the overall workflow and reduces the project cost.

e-language uses the most updated translation tools (CAT tools) such as TRADOS and TRANSIT.


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