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e-language was established in 2000 with the aim to provide translation services to and from most European, Asian and Arabic languages.
Our objective is to provide high quality language and translation services and integrated solutions, based on the best technical and financial approach of projects, with Client’s satisfaction as our ultimate goal.

♦ Translations
♦ Certified Translation Services – Authenticated Translations
♦ Terminology management
♦ Interpretation
♦ Desktop Publishing

e-language specializes, among others, in the following fields:

♦ Law (powers of attorney, authorizations, contracts, lawsuits, dissertations)
♦ Energy (Renewable Energy, Industry, Mechanical Equipment, Electric Generators)
♦ Medicine (medical equipment, consultations, dissertations)
♦ Website (all types of websites)
♦ Gaming (translation to any target language)
♦ Chemistry (papers, dissertations, relevant bibliography)
♦ Pharmacy (drug ingredients, articles on pharmacology, clinical researches)
♦ Technical (technical manuals, instructions, bibliography)
♦ Financial (balance sheets, tax returns, clearance notes, reports)
♦ Technology – Engineering (manuals – instructions, relevant bibliography)
♦ Telecommunications (product description leaflets, instructions, manuals)
♦ Science (patents, dissertations, science bibliography)
♦ Electronics (user manuals, technical leaflets)
♦ Industry (reports, technical manuals)
♦ Trade – Marketing (informative material, product description leaflets)
♦ Tourism (informative material, catalogues, websites)
♦ Abstract (CVs, certificates)

In each project we work with translators whose mother tongue is the target language, i.e. the language the text will be translated into.
To ensure credible translations, we maintain an international network of qualified translators.

In order to be registered to our database, a translator must have the necessary qualifications, professional experience in translating at least 500 pages in the target language and relevant recommendations.
All of our translators are trained in quality assurance procedures and strictly adhere to them to ensure optimal quality in the customer’s service.

e-language constantly invests in technology and tools that will provide optimal technical and financial results, always with the customer’s best service and interests in mind.
Our office is equipped with the ERP software and our staff has excellent knowledge of CAT and DTP Tools such as:
TRADOS, Across, Transit, Adobe Creative Suite, Frame Maker, QuarkXPress, PageMaker. Moreover, we have the expertise to handle XML files.

All translators are obliged to comply with service quality procedures and the agency meets all the requirements according to the European standard for translations DIN 15038.