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Translation Services
In e-language we believe that they key for a successful translation lies to:
♦ the aptitude and expertise of our team of translators
♦ the strict conformity to the translation procedures
We maintain an international network of translators who are native speakers of each target language and who have experience in the respective thematic fields.  We have selected strictly professional translators who are constantly evaluated.

We have developed a procedure which allows us to produce high quality translations that are read as if they were originally written in the target language.
The translation procedure is divided in three consecutive stages:
Translation, Editing and Revision

All translators are obliged to comply with service quality procedures and the agency meets all the requirements according to the European standard for translations DIN 15038.

Certified Translation Services – Authenticated Translations
e-language is a certified agency which can produce certified translations not only in EU languages but also in languages of other countries via its cooperation with layers and solicitors.

All translated texts are managed according to this three-step, certified procedure which guarantees their excellent quality and can be authenticated either by our certified translators or by our cooperating lawyers and solicitors for specific languages (f.i. Arabic).

Terminology Management
It concerns the study and use of terms. Terms are words and expressions used to describe products, services or industrial phraseology.  Most companies use an increasing number of terminology which must be accurately saved in a database in order to be used in translation.

Terminology management ensures efficient and accurate translation of special terms such as acronyms, synonyms and abbreviations via a clear set of rules for their use, which ensures that the correct term is used in a translation.

e-language uses a central online library that allows the systematic management of terms that have been approved by the client both in the source and target language. The use of a terminology base ensures high quality translations.

Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpretation
Interpretation is a complex task to undertake since there must be confidence that the interpreter will select the proper word for the specific context, with no margin for error. To be effective,  the interpreter must:

Have vast experience in interpretation, a deep knowledge of the subject  and be able to immediately integrate cultural preferences in his/her selection of words and phrases.

Regardless of whether the customer requires simultaneous interpretation for large conferences or consecutive interpretation for meetings, he/she must have full confidence in the abilities of the interpreter.

e-language selects only the most highly qualified interpreters in order to meet the needs of its customers.
Furthermore, the option for on-site coordination as well as for renting and installing  professional interpreting equipment  is also available.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing refers to the use of computers and software in order to create several page layouts. Documents may be intended for private desktops, professional printing or electronic distribution, such as PDF, slideshows, email newsletters, Web etc.

In e-language we use a variety of such tools to enable the processing of customer documents in any form. Indicatively in:

Adobe FrameMaker
Adobe InDesign
Adobe PageMaker
Corel Ventura
iStudio Publisher
Microsoft Office Publisher